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Shitty Ideas Trending

Do you feel the need to connect your brand to the vast digital audience without making them feel like it's an ad they just watched? Shitty Ideas Trending came into existence as an answer to that by way of dishing out entertaining & varied content every week. We create videos that may make you laugh or may bring a tear to your eye, but they are sure to strike a chord with you! If you want to achieve your relationship goals, or just want to watch a comedy Web-Series, be it a husband-wife video, or just a feel-good fun sketch, at SIT we believe in the art of story-telling and have so many stories that are waiting to be told, waiting to touch many hearts, & yearning to make a difference.


Chhavi Mittal & Mohit Hussein

SIT was founded by the husband wife duo, in May 2015. Mohit & Chhavi are well-known names in the film & television fraternity. While Mohit has had a successful stint as a film and TV director for 17 years, Chhavi has been an actor/anchor for as long. What makes SIT videos so relatable is the fact that they are passionately written by Mohit and Chhavi together, bringing out the essence of real life situations in the form of quirky videos mixed with Mohit's incredible one-liners. Together with their esotericism, they drive SIT forward. Chhavi is also seen acting in many of the videos.

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