SIT | The Better Half | THE DIWALI HUSTLE| EP 07

Diwali is here and along with all the lights & crackers & fun & frolic, it also brings the pressure of gifting! While we cannot put enough stress on the necessity of saving our environment as well as playing a safe one, the onus of gifting is also real and solid! What do you gift to whom and how many gifts in all do you buy? Well, a lot of times, many of us, (maybe all of us?) play “passing the parcel” on Diwali with our friends and loved ones. It does not in any way mean that we love them any less, just that, we want to save the time & effort in buying something brand new! Hence, a single gift might change many houses and who knows whose house it will eventually stay at! Watch one such incident in Rishi & Rohini’s life, where Rohini’s “best friend” from school claims to have bought her a.. ahem.. “special” gift, in episode 7 of THE BETTER HALF – THE DIWALI HUSTLE Happy Diwali!